Protein ID by Mass Spectrometry


Mass spectrometry (MS/MS) sequencing by Electrospray

Mass spectrometry (mass spec) is concerned with the separation of matter according to atomic and molecular mass.

High throughput mass spectrometry, using the most sophisticated instrumentation (electrospray ionisation MS/MS – LC-MS/MS) is exclusively used:

  • To identify any or all molecules
  • For differential expression analysis
  • For full protein characterisation

For protein sequencing by tandem MS (LC-MS/MS), protein samples are enzymatically digested to produce fragmented peptides. Spectra are obtained for the major peptide ions in MS mode and sequence data is obtained in MS/MS mode. These spectra are then compared to databases to provide hits that identify matching or similar sequences. The end result is positive verification of protein identity.

Analysis by electrospray (LC-MS/MS) mass spectrometry is optimal for gel bands containing two or more proteins or for low abundant samples.

Fast and accurate results at affordable prices.

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De novo Peptide Sequencing

Tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) is used to determine the primary sequence of proteins that are not present in currently available databases. Crude extracts or pure samples can be analysed and our expert operators use the latest software to interpret the MS/MS spectra and derive your sequence.

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For more information please refer to PI publication:

Bringans S.D., Kendrick T., Lui J., and Lipscombe R.J. (2008) A  comparative study of the accuracy of several de novo sequencing software packages for datasets derived by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionisation and electrospray. Rapid Commun. Mass Spectrom. 22(21): 3450-4.


Peptide Mass Fingerprinting

Peptide mass fingerprinting for protein identification by mass spectrometry is now superseded by mass spectrometry sequencing (PMF+MS/MS).

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MS Analysis of Intact Proteins and Peptides

Suitable for pure samples, this service provides a molecular mass for the protein or peptide of interest.

Samples are processed intact (no enzyme digestion) using LC/MS.

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