• A simple blood test that can predict and diagnose whether a patient will develop diabetic kidney disease up to 4 years before clinical symptoms appear.
  • In clinical studies, PromarkerD predicted 86% of previously disease-free patients who went on to develop diabetic kidney disease within four years.
  • Diagnosing diabetic kidney disease early allows the patient to take steps to protect their kidneys from further damage.

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The need for PromarkerD

“PromarkerD will save lives and healthcare costs” – Dr Richard Lipscombe to American Diabetes Association (ADA) TV


To develop PromarkerD, Proteomics International used the Promarker™ platform to identifiy a panel of novel protein markers (biomarkers) that are significantly effective in diagnosing and predicting diabetic kidney disease. The PromarkerD test measures the concentration of these biomarkers to diagnose and predict a person’s risk of developing diabetic kidney disease.

The ability of the biomarkers to diagnose and predict diabetic kidney disease was studied and verified in three clinical studies. The results of these studies have been published and presented at events around the world..



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