Biomarker Discovery


Targeted, proprietary and proven mass spectrometry platform


  • The biomarkers market is vast. It is projected to grow from a value of $24.1 billion today to $45.6 billion by 2020
  • Proteomics International (PI) has developed a proprietary mass spectrometry based technology platform for the discovery and verification of a panel of diagnostic protein biomarkers
  • Using this platform, PI has produced and validated a predictive test, PromarkerD, for the diagnosis of diabetic kidney disease 1,2,3
  • The company is vetting opportunities to employ its proven biomarker discovery platform across other areas of unmet need in medicine and agriculture to pursue new diagnostic targets
  • Three project funding models proposed are: (1) PI supports research, (2) clinical study – share IP and (3) fee for service



  • A panel of diagnostic protein biomarkers
  • Publication
  • Patent application for the diagnostic biomarkers
  • The result of this simple discovery experiment will determine the proceeding to advanced clinical study (N>500 individuals) for the development of an analytically validated diagnostic test


The utility of the biomarker is not confined to the biomedical arena but can be applied to a wide range of sectors with agricultural and nutraceutical application.The discovery of protein biomarkers that cause disease or correlate with progression of disease will enable the development of new treatments and therapeutics to improve health outcomes. Plasma biomarkers are proteins that exist in the blood which can be measured and used as a diagnostic tool as a predictor of disease.

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