Mission, Vision and Values


Proteomics International is committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and quality of results whilst acting lawfully, ethically and responsibly.

  • The Company will pursue operational and commercial excellence by using best practice approaches in our decision-making process focusing on continuous development, accountability and teamwork in all aspects of our business.
  • In order to achieve these goals, we will ensure our employees and business partners have the appropriate skills and resources to perform their work effectively and efficiently and that all stakeholders (including investors, customers, suppliers and regulators) are aware of the Company’s values and our intention to uphold them.
  • We will foster an open and supportive environment in all activities and relationships. A key attribute to this approach is maintaining responsible long-term management.

A critical component of Proteomics International’s strategy is maintaining its reputation for performing R&D and delivering its services in a reliable and credible manner. This is reflected in the strategic pillars of ground-breaking research and quality analytical services, and means that Proteomics International must put its reputation at the centre of everything it does.


The Code of Conduct is also underpinned by Proteomics International’s values to:

  • Be open, honest and trustworthy and always do what we say we will do (Integrity and Accountability)
  • Generate reliable data and results of the highest quality (Quality, Discipline and Excellence)
  • Create novel products and services in areas of significant unmet need across medicine, veterinary health and agriculture (Innovation).


Commitment to values

The Company and its subsidiary companies are committed to conducting all of its business activities in accordance with the above stated values. The Board will ensure that all employees are given appropriate training on the Company’s values and the senior management group will continually demonstrate and reinforce such values in all interactions with staff.
We believe that our pursuit of these values will cement a positive reputation for the Company in the community as a reliable, responsible and ethical organisation.

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