Precision diagnostics facility receives $2m funding boost

The Company is pleased to announce a $2 million expansion of the WA Proteomics Facility to accelerate the development of precision diagnostic tests in partnership with The University of Western Australia (UWA) and Bioplatforms Australia.

The WA Proteomics Facility is a Public Private Partnership between Proteomics International, UWA and Bioplatforms Australia, which is jointly managed by Proteomics International and UWA, and combines their respective expertise to explore biological protein markers that affect medicine, agriculture, and the environment.

Under the management agreement, Bioplatforms Australia (through the Commonwealth Government National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS)) will contribute $1.7m to the Facility for capital and operational purposes, of which half the funds will be paid to Proteomics International to expand its laboratory capacity. Proteomics International and UWA will each invest a further $150,000 in cash.

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