International Proteomics Conference – Kuala Lumpur

Proteomics International attended the International Proteomics Conference 2017Proteomics in Biotechnology & Life Sciences” in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 15-17th August. The conference expects to gather international and local top scientists, researchers and graduate students involved in multi-disciplinary proteomics research from academia and non-academic institutions. This event will attract the participation of over 100 representatives from prominent crop, healthcare, food processing, biotechnology and environmental-associated industries as well as policy makers and delegates from Malaysian government agencies.

The company’s Research Manager Dr Scott Bringans will be presenting his talk titled “Promarker™: A comprehensive mass spectrometry based biomarker discovery and validation platform as applied to diabetic kidney disease” under the Analytical, Microbial and Industrial Proteomics session.

Proteomics International also has a Trade Booth in partnership with the company’s agent in Malaysia – First BASE Laboratories, to meet with and discuss how Proteomics International can support different proteomics services.




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