Proteomics launches PromarkerD

Overnight the official product launch of PromarkerD has taken place in the Dominican Republic. This is another key milestone in the commercialisation of Proteomics International’s world leading predictive test for diabetic kidney disease.

Media release

From the left:
Luben Ron (General Manager, Omics Global Solutions)
Rene Baez Robiou (MD) (Key Opinion Leader)
Ricardo Garcia (MD) (Clinical Advisory Board Member, Omics Global Solutions)
Dr Noemi Santiago (Commercialisation Team, Omics Global Solutions )
Dr Dolores Mejía (MD) (Advisory Board Leader, Omics Global Solutions)
Felix Escaño (MD)  (Key Opinion Leader)
Chuck Morrison (Head of Business Development, Proteomics International)
Dr Horacio Serrano (Scientific Director, Omics Global Solutions)

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