From Nanoflow to Standard Flow LC/MS for Routine Quantitative Plasma Proteomics in Diabetic Kidney Disease Research

Orla Coleman, Angela McArdle, Stephen Pennington, Scott Bringans, Richard Lipscombe, Linfeng Wu (2020). Agilent Application Note.



This application note showcases the capability, reproducibility, and analytical sensitivity of MRM-based LC/MS analysis of human plasma proteins using the Agilent 1290 Infinity II LC coupled with the Agilent 6495 triple quadrupole (TQ) mass spectrometer. The results demonstrate equivalent data from eight peptides across 12 samples on the Agilent standard flow system compared to a nanoflow counterpart system. Successful and reproducible analysis of the eight peptides in whole plasma comparable to depleted plasma analysis highlights the
analytical sensitivity and robustness offered by the 6495 LC/TQ for routine protein measurement in biomarker research.


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