Immunoaffinity Mass Spectrometry Diagnostic Tests for Multi-Biomarker Assays

Scott Bringans, Tammy Casey, Jun Ito, Tasha Lumbantobing, Ronan O’Neill, and Richard Lipscombe (2023). Serum/Plasma Proteomics. Methods in Molecular Biology.


Immunoaffinity mass spectrometry as an approach for diagnostic biomarker assays combines the advantages of antibody selectivity with the multiplexing and analytical performance of mass spectrometry. A method has been developed to detect and quantify three protein biomarkers for a diabetic kidney disease prognostic assay, PromarkerD. The methodology reflects an immunoaffinity approach compatible with higher throughput and robust clinical application. After preparation and purification of antibody-bead conjugates for the three target proteins, an immunoaffinity capture step provides a solution for reduction, alkylation, and digestion on-bead. Targeted mass spectrometry provides a quantitative measure of each biomarker in a rapid 8 min run using a microflow LCMS workflow.



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